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Naître (A.Nauleau)
Vivre en été (L.Fourage)

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Album : Vivre en été (L.Fourage)

Alabel production Paris

Lionel is an author, composer, singer. After many trips he settled in Paris.
He escaped from the subway where he worked with his keyboards and guitars. He trails at night in bars and discotheques and it is by this way that he starts to work with André Nauleau.
The solid physique of Lionel contrasts with his sensitivity and his ability to handle several instruments. All his emotions pass naturally through his music and his voice.
Title Author Extract Time Price
Vivre en été
album complet, 12 titres
Lionel Fourage 35'51''  20.00 
Naturellement belle Nauleau/Fourage 2'57''  2.00 
Tu as tout ce qu'il te faut Nauleau/Fourage 3'15''  2.00 
Les soleils de Vincent Nauleau/Fourage 2'58''  2.00 
Touches mon très beau corps Lionel Fourage 2'42''  2.00 
Où j'travaille Lionel Fourage 3'20''  2.00 
Je t'appelle Nauleau/Fourage 3'18''  2.00 
Mais je crois en l'amour Nauleau/Fourage 3'10''  2.00 
Genoux à terre Cogranne/Fourage 2'49''  2.00 
Triste réalité Kofmann/Fourage 3'37''  2.00 
Toi et moi Cogranne/Fourage 4'22''  2.00 
Vivre en été Lionel Fourage 2'53''  2.00 
Au bar de la marine Nauleau/Fourage 2'26''  2.00